Heat Pumps

Harness the free energy found in air, ground or water to get efficient year round heating, cooling, and hot water. Reduce reliance on conventional fuel, lower your bills and protect the environment all at once. Heat pumps offer an energy efficient alternative to a furnace, because they move heat rather than generate heat.

Geothermal heat pumps
Geothermal systems use the free, renewable energy found in your own back yard to save up to 70% on heating, cooling, and hot water costs. The underground energy is extracted by either burying deep vertical loops or horizontal spread loops. Systems are suitable for residential or commercial applications.

Hydronic DAIKIN ALTHERMA air source heat pumps
Using the renewable energy of outside air, an air source heat pump can provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water. Altherma air-to-water heat pump delivers between 3 and 5 kWh of usable heat for every 1 kWh of electricity it uses. That’s a great ratio from 3:1 – 5:1! The Daikin Altherma heat pump can be combined with under floor heating, fan coil units, room thermostats, programmable timers, and low temperature radiators to provide the comfort required. For renovations, new houses or apartments buildings.

Ductless heat pumps

Like all heat pumps, they are environmentally friendly with no direct carbon dioxide emissions, and absolutely safe: working without oil, gas or other hazardous substances. In the highly competitive HVAC industry, Daikin knows how to hold its fort and rise above the competition. Its commitment to leadership is unquestionable with its top of the line products from air conditioning systems to heat pumps and ventilation systems. It has remained as the industry leader for the last 80 years. Daikin calls its competitive edge the “Daikin Difference” referring to the corporation’s innovative drive towards advanced heating and cooling systems that guarantees energy efficiency with comfortable, moderately low noise levels. Perhaps what consumers rave most with Daikin products are its money-saving and user-friendly features.

Unitary System

Definition – is a system that combines heating, cooling, and a fan section, the air will be distributed throughout your home (or building) through ductwork. A central HVAC system.

Your home’s complete indoor comfort system should not be an after thought, and we at Conroy would like to sit down with you to plan which system would be best for your new or existing home. After all indoor comfort in your home is about more than just adjusting the temperature on the thermostat. A central heating and cooling system (unitary system) is an essential part of your everyday comfort and living experience for you and your family. It’s an investment, first by having the correct equipment installed for the space, you will lower your on going operating costs, and when the day comes that you are selling your house potential buyers will value the quality of your unitary system.

Additional advantages of installing an unitary system is that you can install additional features like humidification, dehumidification and air filtration, again something that we discuss with all our customers as part to of the planning process.

Choosing the right Specialists
The design of your GXS (Geoexchange System) should not be contracted out to the first contractor who comes along. Even though, for several years, certain individuals have tried to persuade clients that a simple three-day course renders them experts in geoexchange, the reality is none but the contrary.

Did You Know?
You can finance your heat pump through the Nova Scotia Power financing program when buying from Conroy Refrigeration.

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Thank you to Nova Scotia Power and all those who have been helping restore power to Nova Scotian's after hurricane Dorian!Storm restoration means long days for our crews, and the support from our communities is making a huge impact. There’s nothing like a slice of pie to brighten your day! ... See MoreSee Less

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Once again thank you for following up on my concerns so quickly. Your crew was here first thing yesterday morning to check the outside unit. As it turns out the ice buildup was “normal” after the type of storm we had. Your technician explained everything to me which I really appreciate. It is nice to know that I have chosen to deal with a company that really stands behind their product and service. I will try not to bother you again anytime in the near future.
Susan M